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Interview with Williams Flores from Cusco (Perú)

Williams Flores, 37 years old. Lives in Cusco (Perú) and his family has a coffee shop called Cappuccino Cafe Cusco. He is dedicated to processing and roasting the coffee.

1. What connects you to coffee? Why do you work with coffee?

I’m in the coffee business because it’s a family tradition that started 26 years ago with my wife’s family, and when I started roasting coffee, I became fascinated by the complexity of the plant. Years later and especially in these last 4 years, I am more interested in what is behind the coffee. The families, the culture, the art, even the entrepreneurs who need coffee as a fuel to realise their dreams. It is not a simple drink, but it is very similar to coca for my civilization. It is a natural energizer that makes it possible for anyone to fulfill their dreams in all areas of knowledge.

For this reason I am building the coffee processing plant in the sacred valley with renewable energy.

2. What did you do before working with coffee?

Before working with coffee, my life was in the world of engineering. And now let’s say it’s a combination of both. Coffee and my profession.

3. What’s the most important thing about coffee for you? What’s good coffee for you?

That it is fresh and of quality so that all the beneficial attributes are intact. And that it has a history behind it.

4. What is your favorite way to drink your coffee? How do you drink your coffee?

I drink coffee in all its forms. Espresso, American, coldbrew… and most of the time I use mocha at home. Or the classic filter coffee. I like to take time to grind and enjoy the coffee. Almost like meditating.

5. What do you think about fair trade?

It’s something we should promote more strongly. Coffee requires an immense amount of resources and unfortunately does not fully benefit those who do the difficult work of producing it.

6. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes, coffee for me is a whole new world but one that has made me better understand the role of coca in the Andean communities that are already lost. It’s a sacred plant that should not only be sold but also consumed in order to develop the country. In all areas.

Williams Flores
+51 989289870

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